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NOTE: Beginners, disabled or seniors can do 26 repetitions instead of 108 repetitions. Time periods for the rests-one-minute. In the basic spinal series the rests are as important as the exercise. Kundalini yoga creates a tension and a relaxation. Both are of equal importance.

1. EASY POSE with Spinal Flex (SUKASANA)

Time: 108 times -

Pull Mul Bhand-

Rest one minute focus on the third eye

Come sitting in a comfortable cross-legged posture. Grab the ankles with the hands. On the inhale flex the spine forward. The flex is in the 3rd lumber vertebrae. It is in the lower spine.

This flex activates the chakras and animates the body.

Lift the chest up and keep the head level. Mentally say "Sat".

On the exhale flex the spine backwards mentally say "Nam" Be conscious of your consciousness. Rest one minute and meditate on the third eye.

2. SPINAL FLEX Camel Ride in Rock Pose with Spinal Flex (VAJRASANA)

Time: 108 times -

Rest one-minute by focusing on the third eye

Come into Rock Pose by sitting on the heels. Place the hands on the thighs. Inhale flex the spine forward and mentally say "Sat".

Exhale flex the spine backward and mentally say "Nam". Maximum breath. Maximum flex.

Feel the spine move completely. Be conscious of your consciousness. Meditate on the third eye during the one-minute rest.


Time: 26 times

Rest one minute focusing on the third eye

Come into easy pose. Bring the arms up to 90 degrees.

Hands are in receptive gyana mudra.

Kundalini Yoga is the science of angles so keep the arms straight up. Inhale and twist to the left mentally say "Sat".Exhale and twist the right mentally say "Nam"

Turn the head all the way around.

4. EASY POSE with Bear Grip at the Heart Center with Airplane Movement

Time: 26 times

Inhale - Exhale pulls root lock and rest one minute

Sit in easy pose (or half lotus or lotus). Bring the hands over the heart center. Bring the hands into Bear Grip as pictured. Feel that there is a rod going through your heart center. Pivot around the central point.

Breathe powerfully. Do this seesaw motion 26 times.

Focus on the upper arm hitting the ear. Inhale then exhale .

Pull Maha Bhanda the great lock of yoga (see instructions end of yoga set.)


Time: 3 times at throat/ Maha Bandha-Three times overhead/ MaHa Bhand

3 times at the heart center. 3 times overhead.

Lock the hands at the throat level. Pull apart on the hands but do not let go.

Exhale pull Maha Bhand. Pull the energy up. (the great lock-see instructions end of set)

A total of three times Raise the hands above the head.

Inhale - then Exhale Apply Maha Bhand.

Pull the energy to the top of the head for a total of three times over the head


Time: 108 times

Rest and relax the breath. Pull Mul-Bhand


Sit in easy pose grab the knees with the fingers.. Focus at the third eye.

The chest is rolled out. Inhale flex forward say mentally "Sat. Exhale flex back and mentally say "Nam" rolling the chin into the chest

Keep those elbows straight.

Feel the vertebrae of the spine stretching out. Mind is on the breath.It's a powerful flex.. Keep the correct spinal position


Time: 108 times

One-minute rest.

Sit in easy pose grab the knees the with fingers. Inhale both shoulders up to the ears. Exhale down. Breath is through the nose. The chin is tucked in. Mentally say "Sat". Lower the shoulders. On the exhale mentally say "Nam"

108 times. At the end lift the shoulders for 14 seconds.

Tension is kept in the shoulders. Shoulder shrugs release the tension. Create an attitude of gratitude.


Time: 5 times to the right and 5 times to the left


 Roll the head to the right and all the way around five times. Inhale to center and exhale. Then roll five times to the left. These are long gentle slow neck rolls all the way around.

Keeping the concentration at the third eye keeps you from getting dizzy.



Time: 3 minutes and then 3 Maha Bandha.

Sit on the heels in rock pose with the arms over your head. The elbows are hugging the ears. Palms together (alternate: fingers interlock index finger up or easy pose if rock pose is not possible).

Palms together over the head and stretch up. Pull anal spincter closed and the sex organ up into root lock. Chant out loud "Sat". Relax the navel and the root lock. Chant out loud "Nam" Continue this for three minutes

Then pull Maha Bhanda - the great yogic lock explained at END of set. So Inhale - Then exhale and tighten the anal spincter, bring the sex organ up. Lift the diaphragm up. Bring the chin to rest on the collarbone and squeeze the energy from the base of the spine to the top of the skull. (see end of set for full Maha Bhanda instructions) Repeat this exercise three times including relaxing the locks and naval center.

10. CORPSE POSE - deep relaxation pose. (MaHa Savasana-called MaHa at the end of the yoga set)

Time: Relax 15 minutes or more. Long slow breath

Relax on your back with the palms up, legs spread confortably apart and head flat on the floor in corpse pose. The legs and feet and slightly turned out. Relax the limbs by lifting and dropping them gently at the start.

The eyes are closed attention is focused on the center point between your eyebrows at the root of the nose Watch the naval point as it rises and falls. Keep the hands by the side palms up so the 72 thousand nadis are open and receptive

(meditation details below)

The Meditation:


If you have a thought make a note of the thought and let go of it. Use the mind like a flashlight Light and RELAX: the toes,

balls of foot, arches, heels, top of the feet. Relax the shins, Inhale light release tension.Relax the knees, thighs, and butt. Relax hips, sex organs, and internal organs.

Shine the light of the mind on the naval point and bring in light and healing energy. Put the mind on the base of the spine and bring in light.Light up the vertebras one by one. Find where the ribs connect to the spine and relax the ribs, side, and chest, fingers, thumbs and back of hands. Shine the minds light in the center of palms.Begin to inhale through the non-dominant foot and palm.

Let this energy sweep the body. Relax wrists, forearms, 2 arms, elbows upper arms. Left foot, calf, thigh, Right foot, calf, thigh. Relax the abdomen and stomach. Relax the left forearm, upper arm, and side of chest, the neck. Relax the right forearm, upper arm, and side of chest, neck. Relax the shoulders and let the tension melt away. Relax the neck where the head joins the neck. Relax the back of the head, ears, jaw, chin. Relax the lips, teeth, tongue, cheeks, nose. Relax all around the eyes. Relax the eyebrows.

Concentrate the minds light to the center of the forehead. If you can relax the forehead you can relax the entire body.Relax the scalp, top of head - the soft spot where the soul enters and leaves the body.Relax all your hair - everywhere.Chant mentally "Sat" on the inhale and "Nam" on the Exhale. Breath is long slow and deep

NOTE: Terms to know: The locks of yoga are used in this set and are explained below.

Mul Bandha (root lock) is done by contracting the anal spincter.pulling the sex organ up and the navel point it. It mixes the two major vital airs of yoga prana (ingested & used like air/energy) and Apana (eliminations-secretions)

Maha Bhandha - means great lock. Contract the anal spincter, pull the sex organ up, naval point in, diaphragm up, chin in, tongue back, roll the eyes up, focus on the top of the head. Pull the energy up the spine to the top of the head. Maha Bhanda combines all three great locks of yoga.

1. Root Lock (Mula Bandha) contract the anal spincter.pull the sex organ up and the navel point it.

2. Diaphragm Lock (Uddiyand Bandha) lift the diaphragm up on the exhale only.)

3. Neck Lock (Jalandhara Bhanda- pull the chin in up so the neck is in line with the spine. Squeeze the energy from the base of the spine to the top of the skull.


EASY YOGA NOTE: If you can't sit on your heels sit tall in easy pose. THIS ENTIRE SET CAN BE DONE SITTING IN A CHAIR if it is difficult to sit on the floor

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