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This mudra meditation will bring the knowledge of all the past present and future teachers to you.

It is an opportunity to experience mudra, mantra and breath as a meditation.

Prayer mudra neturalizes the positive (right or male) and negative (left or female side of the body. It stimulates the mind nerve which is the only nerve that comes out of the mind.

Prayer or Namaste Mudra is often used when blessing food, beginning prayer or tuning in before doing a yoga or meditation..

It is the mudra to neturalize the nadis.(subtle energy channels that link the charkas including Sushumna, Ida and Pingala Nadis)

Sat Jiwan Singh suggests this meditation for Prayer Mudra:

Tuck the knuckles of the thumbs into the knotch in the center of the chest where the ribs come together.

Please be patient while the sound file loads.

 Inhale chant Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo


Exhale, Inhale and continue chanting.

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