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THRU MUDRA - Tatva Yoga

Go within connect to the universal Mother


Perhaps the rarest of mudras in tatva yoga this is a complete body mudra

This is the mudra that connects to the universal mother.

Yogi Bhajan tracked the yogi that knew this meditation for three months in the Himalayas and then waited in Gurupranam (a yoga posture) outside his home for two days to get it.


Start Time 16 minutes.

Sit with the right foot flat on the floor knee to chest.

The right elbow rests on the knee with the hand cupping the ear. The fingers are straight back.

The left leg is flat on the ground with the toes on the Achilles tendon of the right foot.

Left hand goes behind the hips.

Relax and chant deeply

Mmmaaaaaaaaa. Mmaaaaaaaaaa Mmaaaaaaaaaaa. Long Ma

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