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    MUDRA MEDITATIONS - Tatva Yoga the Yoga of the Mudra


  1. Happiness Mudra

  2. Raise Kundalini Energy and Get Control Over Life

  3. Meditation to reset the electromagnetic field after an earthquake or Tsunami Tidal Wave

  4. Becoming the Budda-Smile Like the Buddha

  5. Be Heard with Clear Communication - Think Before You Speak Dhrib Dhristi Lochina Karma Kriya

  6. Green Energy Prosperity Meditation for Growing Physical,

  7. Gyana Mudra

  8. Kirtan Kriya

  9. Mental and Spiritual Prosperity

  10. MUKULA MUDRA or Closed Lotus Mudra denotes a bud of lotus or water-lilly and brings in changes smoothly.

  11. Mudra Meditation for Prosperity - 11 minutes.

  12. Connecting to the Mother with a Whole Body Mudra and Mantra.

  13. Mudra/ breath meditation to remove our self imposed obstacles - self anger, anger towards others, ill will, anger, hostility, jealousy..

  14. Mudra to Control the Emotions (Mudra for the Times)

  15. Namaste Mudra-Prayer Pose (one of the most common and overlooked for serious study)

  16. Peace and Tranquility Meditation (starting time is 3 minutes)

  17. Raa Ma Daa Sa Saa Say So Hung

  18. Renew and Release Fear

  19. Yoni Mudra - Get Connected to the Mother (beginners yogi mudra-Photo of advanced is coming)

  20. Meditate to Rejuvenate

  21. Mudra to Help Control Your Thoughts

  22. The 8 cycle Mudra that creates happiness, destroys pain and reduces fear.

  23. Mahan gyan mudra removes childhood traumas, old wounds, fear and anger. It works on your first chakra.

    Its practice will help you stay in the moment

  24. The Mudra for Mental Clarity. Big Problems Become Small


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