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At Local Arizona Locations

Call for the NEXT GONG MEDITATION date

FULL Hour Gong Therapy Classes call for future dates and times of the gong meditations

Vision Quest Books -

Scottsdale Arizona - always on a Tuesday

Eastside Art Gallery -

East Mesa Arizona - 2nd Saturday every other month 7:00pm- $10 7:00pm - Snacks are served after the meditation

New Beginnings Prosperity Gong Meditation: 2011 (the Third Saturday of the Month)2011 -

Phoenix, Arizona-3rd Saturday of the month: For More Information:

3rd Saturday. Theme - Chakra Gong Meditation for Prosperity on all levels - clear the chakras - promote prosperity and healing.

Merge with the Spirit of Your Higher Awareness

Soar with the angels as the gong cleanses your Aura

Balance your chakras

Experience a totally natural meditation.

Align your esoteric bodies

Let this primal sound to take you to a

State of Higher Awareness

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