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Figure 1: Arms at 60 degrees


God created man simply to reveal Himself as the finite in infinity. Being and doing are different than studying and talking.

If we not focused we get diverted and caught up in rituals. Unfocused we experience the talk about experience which limits self-creativity.

Self creativity can be expanded and experienced by meditating on the mantra "GA DA" or "GOD"

Total Time: 31 minutes



Figure 2: Receptive Gyana Mudra

Total Time: 31 minutes

Time: 22 minutes

Sit with a straight spine in easy pose - comfortable crossed legged position, lotus seat, half lotus or in a chair with a straight spine. Bend the elbows at the forearms to create a 60 degree angle. See figure 1.

Place the hands in receptive gyana mudra. The tip of the index finger just UNDER the thumb of the hand.

Concentrate at the brow point - the third eye and allow the pranic energy force to fill up your hands.

Start chanting rythmically and powerfully at the solar plexis.

Chant: "God God God God God God"

1. Continue chanting for 22 minutes. At the end of 22 minutes inhale deeply hold the breath for as long as is comfortable and let the breath go.

Figure 3: Breath of Fire -

Please Note the PICTURE SHOWS STANDING BREATH OF FIRE remain seated for this meditation. It is just easier to see standing.

2. Inhale deeply.

BREATH OF FIRE for 3 minutes

Keep your arms at 60 degrees.

Inhale and begin breath of fire (Breath of Fire-is continuous with two to three breaths per second -

The focus of energy is the naval point where the pull of the muscles is felt. Inhale-the abdomen relaxes, the diaphragm extends down and the breath comes in almost automatic.

Breath of fire cleanses the blood.

= Please Note the PICTURE SHOWS STANDING BREATH OF FIRE remain seated for this meditation. It is just easier to see standing.


3. Then inhale - shift to very deep long breaths.

Arms are still at 60 degrees.

Meditate SILENTLY on the mantra "GOD" for am additional 6 minutes


Sat Jiwan Singh said that if you can't do the full time bring the arms down and up again as often as necessary

He said for beginners or the time is too long cut it like a recipe so 22 becomes 11 minutes, 3 becomes 1 1/2 and 6 minutes becomes 3.


Notes from the class room of Sat Jiwan Singh Khalsa certified to teach IKYTA and Yoga Alliance.

Chanting quality is due to server restraints.


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