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The poem sung as shabad or bhajan"

"I HAVE BEEN A YOGI FOR ETERNITY" by the Saint Kabir Sahib

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Kabir is one of the greatest Saints in India and all History.

He is a saint in a least three of the major religions in the world.

His music composed over 400 years ago is widely sung today.

The very ancient poetic song below speaks of yoga

and a yogi who becomes attuned to universal consciousness

in the face of great difficulty

The translation is provided

On the practice of yoga "If the union yogis seek came from roaming around in the buff - every deer in the forest would be saved."


yugana yugana hama yog

hama mOnI hama bole, bole

I keep mum(quiet) I speak

avadhUtA yugana yugana hama yogI

oh saintly one,

rUpa, sarUpa, arUpa dikhAke

Showing at times outward form,

at other times inner reality, yet again neither

saba ThOra jamAta hamarI, jamAta hamarI

it is my clan all around, my clan!

hamahImen hamato khele

I play within myself

sabahI ThOra para melA, melA

those big gatherings everywhere

kahe kabirA jU suno bhaI Sadho

Kabir says listen oh saints

hama sabamAn hEn, saba hEn hamamAn

I am in everyone, everyone is in me

nAhIn koI ichchhA (

I have no unfulfilled desire

hama hEn bahurI akelA

and yet I am alone

apanI madhImen Apa mEn dolUn

I sway in my own hut

hamahI siddha, samAdhi hamahI

I am the goal and the way

khelUn sahaja svaichchhA

I play as it pleases me

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