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Yoga Set for Elimination.

Apana Exercises -Sweat and elimination

Apana - The second of the vital airs. The first is prana the life force energy. Apana `deals with that which is expelled or secreted from the physical body. It deals with the secretions and circulations through the Saturn chakra and the physical changes they bring to the body including raising energy.

The Warm Up


Time: 3 minutes

Head to knee pose. Move in rhythm with the breath. Inhale down and exhale up. Say Sat on the inhale Nam on the exhale. Roll the eyes up as it stimulates the third eye and pituitary gland. . Squeeze the big toe to stimulate the pituitary gland. Stretch down. A good stretch strengthens the life nerve. The tougher the life nerve the easier the life.

Switch Legs. Change and lower head to the right knee. Repeat for two minutes. It is more important for the legs to be straight than for the head to touch the knee.

The Yoga Set


Time: 7 minutes

Sit in easy pose. Sit with the head back. Do long deep breathing. Sat on the inhale Nam on the exhale. The back of the head rests on the spine. Open up the chest as it opens the heart center. Envision yourself looking up at the sky.

2B Bring the head straight and shake your body all over. Head, hands, toes everything!


Time: 7 minutes

Come sitting on the left heal. Bring the right leg out straight. The back is straight. The arms are straight. The fingers hold the sole of the foot or as close as possible. Tilt the head back to see the sky. Keep the eyes focused up. Sat on the inhale and Nam on the exhale. Perfect the posture.

3b. Bring the head straight and shake your body all over. Head, hands, toes everything!


Time: 3 minutes

Come sitting in Lotus pose if possible if not easy pose. Make fists of the hands. Support the body off the ground with the fists. All of the weight is on the fist. The combination created balanced pose and is not held long. Inhale and exhale three times.

Come down.

4b. Bring the head straight and shake your body all over. Head, hands, toes everything!


Time: 5 Times

Come sitting on the heels. Take the right hand and grab it with the left hand making a fist. Press into the naval point. Inhale up. Exhale down. Push down and dig into the abdomen.


Time: 5 Times

Sit in easy pose hands is in Gyana mudra. Say "Hooooo" on the inhale. Say "Laaaaa" as you exhale.


Time: 11 minutes

Sit with both feet out in front. Arms are at the sides and back a little. Raise the left leg and chant "Raaaaa" (as in rally or rate) Raise the right leg and chant. "Maaaaaa". (as in Ma Ma) RaMa is one of the oldest chants on the planet. Ra symbolizes the sun or masculine energy and Ma symbolizes the moon or feminine energy.


Time: a few minutes

Come into Easy Pose with hands in Gyan Mudra (the forefinger is curled underneath the thumb) and relax for a few minutes.


Acquiring insight into the future - It is possible to master this meditation in a short period of time - possibly even one sitting

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