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with Mudra and Mantra

Figure 1

This mudra meditation has been useful in a regime to stop additions of all kinds. You substitute all the things the addiction gave you with things that promote growth.

Never give anything up - always substitute other things. Don't leave an empty space.

Example substitute incense for cigarette smoke. Thumbs are pressed at the temples coming from a closed fist.

The temple is the small knotch by the eye. It is the flat area on each side of your head in front of the top of your ear.

The temples go out as the molars clench tight. The MOLARS stay closed.

TENSE AND RELEASE THE MOLARS. The molars will alternate - right then left then right in time with the beat of the mental chant SA TA NA MA (give the sound file a minute to load)

The temples go out as the molars clench tight to the

beat of Sa Ta Na Ma. WORK UP TO 11 MINUTES

The pressure of the thumbs activates the area under the stem of the pinal gland which makes a change in the brain chemistry and this helps to restore balance to the body and mind.

Additional Tips

Practice long deep abdominal breathing. Do breath of fire.

Drink water to cleanse the physical body of impurities. Eat healthy fresh and if possible organic foods. Be sure to replenish vitamins and minerals.

Chanting gives the mind and the mouth something to do so chant.

Special Note: CIGARETTES

Use a mala (prayer beads including rosary) to keep the hands busy - it helps with all addictions.

Spirits dance in the smoke so it is important to burn incense or other sweet smells like cinnamon in a big pot. Substitute all the things cigarette smoke gave you with growth promoting things.

Practice long deep abdominal breathing. Do breath of fire. Inhale and begin breath of fire (Breath of Fire-is continuous with two to three breaths per second - The focus of energy is the naval point where the pull of the muscles is felt. Inhale-the abdomen relaxes, the diaphragm extends down and the breath comes in almost automtically. Breath of fire cleanses the blood). Note: (chanting can come from any tradition and be any chant like


Chanting gives the mouth something to do so do it

I am I am or Har) or listening to a spiritual CD

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