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About Mala Beads

About Mala Care

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Caring for Your Mala

Mala Beads are prayer beads. Sikh malas, Buddhist malas, Hindu malas and others mala beads are treated with care as sacred objects

Malas are sacred objects. Malas are a much needed anchor of the mind in meditation. Mala beads are moved in rhythm or time with the mantra and the breath. The goal and use of a mala is to anchor and uplift prayers, chants and meditations.

Semi-precious stone malas have the added benefit of providing vibrational support for your goals or areas you want to strengthen. Wear this mala for spiritual conditions.

Mala beads should not be left lying around or found on a floor. Store your mala in a pouch or box when not in use. Wear them in sacred spaces when you are in meditation, chanting and praying. When carrying malas protect them. Malas are not jewelry and should not be considered as jewelry or worn as jewelry.

Malas focus mantra, prayers or affirmations. Semi-precious stone malas enhance the process of praying or chanting mantra or saying affirmations. . Malas should be kept in a pouch, box, pocket or bag while not in use.

The semi-precious stone malas should not be worn particularly on the wrist for days at a time so the vibrational frequency of the stones are kept pure for chanting, mantra, prayer or spiritual activities. The purpose of a mala is to focus spiritual energy.

If you have a spiritual teacher it is customary when possible to have them bless your mala. If not bless your own mala by saying say a prayer that the use of your mala will be a benefit to everyone

Please do not wear your mala beads as jewelry. Treat gemstone malas with care as gems can crack and the thread can stretch or break. Gemstone malas have the added benefit of healing in addition to being a godsend to your prayers. Gemstone malas heal by adding to your vibrational frequency and the aura and chakras Malas should be protected when not in use or engaged in spiritual activities. Keep mala bead in a pouch in your purse or pocket or bag. Keeping malas beads in your lap or near while engaged in sacred activities. A variety of mala beads adds a variety of kinds of strength or healing to your energy field. Wear your mala at sacred times when you best vibrationally heal and expand for prayer, meditation and the prayer and meditation activities of sadhana. .

Over time when the tassel shows a bit of wear or soil, you can wet and straighten, comb and or iron (under cloth) the strands, trim the tassel it if needed, and let dry overnight. Mala Beads may eventually need to be wiped with warn water. Cleaning the tassel. Fill a cup with cold water, dip the tassel until the Guru bead, Squeeze out excess water, hang the mala with the tassel down over a flat surface (like a table. Trimming the tassel hold the tassel upside down between your index and middle finger. Move hands down the tassel to almost the end and trim with a sharp pair of scissors.


Naturally with use over time the thread can break. Malas should have knots between the beads to protect your mala beads. Have the beads restrung. It is generally a modest price to restring them.

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