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Anyone can use mala beads for prayer.


The wrist or pocket fractional mala has 27 beads and is handy for use anywhere - the large or main bead is called

the GURU bead or Seva Mother. It is a reminder of the bond between teacher and student

The number of beads on a mala should add to the number 9. Examples are 27(2+7), 54(5+4), 108(1+0+8) beads.

Chanting the Holy Nam will bring you radiance that is connected with the almighty God. It is a direct connection to the Creator's vibration.

Japa is a form of mantra(repetition of Gods name) will eat up defeat, creates Tap (heat which burns up karma) and Sanjam the technology---how to do it.

The Name or Names of God chanted are decided by the person chanting or the instructor giving the meditation.

Some sample of the infinite number of names chanted are Sat Nam, Har, Wahe Guru, Ram, Jesus, Allah, Yawhe or Om or simply I am I am. It can be as simple as chanting God-God-God.

Prayer beads are sometimes used as a focal point to track the number of repetitions of individual prayers.

Japa or chanting into the sound current creates Tapa the spiritual heat. It becomes Dharma which leads to the path of God.

The mala is usually held in the right hand. The mala is moved in rythmn with the breath and the mantra. The middle (second) finger is used to rotate the mala by one bead towards oneself with each repetition of the mantra. When the beads are worked over the middle finger remembering God's Name on each pass, bliss is experienced.

When the beads are passed over the index finger your Karmas are brought to you so unless you want to hasten your karma don't use the index finger

When the beads are passed over the ring finger calmness is attained. When using the mala it is important that you turn around at the Guru Bead and go the other direction. Never cross the Guru Bead.

Your fingers contain nadis that directly connect to your brain.

Stone or metal malas give energy according to the nature of the stone and wood malas absorb your energy. Traditional malas are made of wood, semi-precious stones and metal. Some are even made of seeds.

Don't lay the mala on the floor or let others carelessly handle your mala. The power of the mala is in the chanting and just wearing them will have little or no effect


Malas (108 bead count) - the yogic, Hindu, Sikh and Buddhist counts.

Masbahas (99 bead count) - the Islamic and Sufi count.

Prayer beads for vegans - strung on 100% cotton cord.

Short malas - 1/2 (54 beads) and 1/4 (27 beads) the yogic count.

Christian Rosary has wooden cross and then the standard catholic style rosary.

One bead then three beads. Then an emblem. Then one bead then ten beads then one repeated 5 times


About Mala Care

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