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A Seventh Chakra Meditation to Bless Yourself with Prosperity, uplifted prosperity and a host of other benefits.

Easy meditation on GOD, creation, the creator and explore your creativity.

"We are the ONE Supreme being having a HUMAN experience."

Sat Jiwan Singh Khalsa

Kundalini Yoga is an ancient system of exercise, breath control and meditation using safe and comprehensive techniques that enhance awareness and increase vitality. We can be healthier, unleash healing powers, strengthen our immune, nervous and glandular systems, enjoy greater stamina and flexibility. A happier life can be ours. We can stimulate creativity, increase mental energy, heighten concentration and experience greater joy with Kundalini Yoga.

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"It is better to experience the mudra than to name the mudra" - Sat Jiwan Singh Khalsa."

"These are the times to go within to find calm and peace

and act from that center" - Sat Jiwan Singh"

The Ancient Healing Symphonic Gong with Sat Jiwan Singh Khalsa

The Gong is the only instrument that the mind has no defense against. Allow it to massage you on a molecular level. And raise energy thru the chakras andaura. Experience the glandular balancing effects of these cosmic vibrations in group consciousness. Experience the infinite with in the finite. Balance and open the Chakras.

A Gong Meditation strengthens the auric Field. A truly natural meditation that is as old as time itself. The healing and balancing effects can be felt for days. Sat Jiwan Singh is ready with his digitalized

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Click above to purchase The Song of the Sacred Gong CD On-Line with Paypay, MC, Visa, E-check - the Song of the Sacred Gong CD $11.99 plus $3 shipping

PAYPAL Master Card, Visa, To mail your payment: Check, Money Order, Cash: Dayakaur Khalsa,531 Kachina Circle, Coolidge, AZ 85228 for Personal Check & Money Order, Cash. It is only $11.99 $3 Priority SHIPPING US, $3 Worldwide

For check money order or questions e-mail

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This is a tribute to Sat Jiwan Singh Khalsa's Birthday on July 4th also known as "ji" or "khalsa-ji" who taught class for a flower, poem or loaf of bread to students and others in need.

Free Shipping Worldwide on our already low prices. Malas are close to cost. A donation to the ALS foundation will be made from sales

Rose Quartz opens the heart chakra.

It creates self love and love for others. It is excellent for healing emotional wounds. It will heal the heart and is said historically to bring loved ones home. It is an aid to emotional balance and self acceptance. Self confidence and self trust.

Rose Quartz gently eliminates negativity Rose Quartz is said through the ages to dissolve Stress and Tension. Rose Quartz works on the Kidney and Adrenal Gland disorders. Rose Quartz is used to treat Vertigo. It is used to Clear the Complexion. It is great for mid life crisis and migrane.

ROSE QUARTZ is good for unconditional spiritual love, forgiveness and happiness. ROSE QUARTZ -is also associated with - Self-forgiveness, imagination & intellect.

It is for the 4th or heart chakra.

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