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Welcome To
The Wellness Train

Glad you have stopped by to join us. Below you will find links to all of our pages. Please take time to visit all the stations. You will find them very informative, and well worth your time to spend reading them.

We also have a newsletter called The Healing Station with loads of information and articles contributed by members of the Wellness Train. The newsletter Is circulated on-line monthly and our members post copies in medical clinics and doctor's offices around the world. We have many medical practitioners who read our newsletter. It is a free service to everyone.

You are welcome to join the Wellness Train E-Group Email message service where you will be able to receive e-mail messages from all of our members.

We also have a variety of topical message boards where you can find spiritual solace, vent your frustrations, share pet stories, talk up a storm, or kick up your heels and show the fine edge of your humor. We will also be starting a live chat section where we will present guest speakers on health, diet, exercise, and other topics related to helping you to feel as well as you can. Wellness Train focuses on the positive and the road back to health.

Just hop aboard the train, sit back and enjoy the ride to a better understanding of Fibromyalgia and related disorders.

All Aboard the Wellness Train there is a seat waiting just for you!!!!!!


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Any information posted on The Wellness Train - e-group list, message board, newsletter, FMS Project 2001, Wellness Train Home Site and the Healing Station Newsletter, or MSN community live chat area should not be taken as professional medical advice. All information posted in any areas pertaining to "WELLNESS TRAIN" must therefore be recognized as "personal opinions" only. Articles and research posts copied and distributed from the Internet are for information purposes only. To obtain medical advice, patients should always consult their own Health Care Practitioners. Please note that the Wellness Train and all affiliated internet sites - home page - e-groups list serve - message board - newsletter (Healing Station) or any other publication or information site is NOT affiliated with any other organization on the Internet, unless otherwise stipulated.

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