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Tricia Wright spent this weekend practising her darts with a certain Phil Taylor and the winning form seemed to rub off as she clinched her first ever Nally Golden Harvest title – at the first time of asking.


In the semi finals Wright faced Francisca Hoenselaar.  Wright defeated Joanne Luke, Sharon Colclough, and Kristina Korpi to get to the semi final while Hoenselaar went through Carli Marion, Carolyn Mars, and Trina Gulliver.  The match went the distance, down to the third game of the fifth set, and Wright was able to reach and hit the double first.  Hoenselaar had her chances along the way, but failed to convert.

Having exited the competition, Hoenselaar was left ruing missed opportunities to take the match:

“We had a good match.  Tricia threw well.  However, when I feel that give the games away and lose the match because of it, I just need to get away and take 20 minutes to get over it.  Then I’m fine with it.”

The second women’s semi final was a battle between two who have fought this kind of match several times before against each other.  The Canadian favourite, Patricia Farrell, was up against the US champion, Stacy Bromberg. 

Bromberg took out Mandy Fleck, Vicky Pruim, and Sandra Pollett to reach the stage while Farrell defeated Robin Curry, Amy Earle, and Crissy Howat along her run.  Farrell delighted the crowd with a 3 sets to one victory to advance to the final to meet Tricia Wright.

Bromberg, naturally was disappointed with her display:

“I had a bit of bad luck in the match, most of it was my own fault, missing doubles.  Some of it just happens, that’s the way it goes.  Sometimes it gets away from you.  The game is so incredibly mental that you literally hear little murmurs and you pick up all kinds of things that interrupt your concentration.  But that’s part of the game and you have to stay with it.”

 Farrell on the other hand, was on her way to the final:

“I feel great about getting to the finals.  I’ve played Stacy before in the semi finals and finals.  We’ve always had a good match.  We were a little bit up and down today and I know she had a little trouble with her doubles and I just had to capitalize on that.  The main thing is to keep your focus.  I know I have to play Tricia Wright in the final.  I’ve never played her before, and I look forward to a good match.”

It wasn’t to be for the Canadian however and Farrell dropped the women’s final match to Wright three sets to one.

“It was a pretty good match.  We were both a little bit off our game, but Tricia was a bit more on that off.  This is a great tournament and I’d just like to thank all the sponsors and organizers, the dart players for coming and all my fans for cheering me on.”

This was Wright’s moment of course – not bad for a first visit to the Golden Harvest.

"I must be honest, I never imagined winning this tournament with all the good players out there.  I just had to keep my cool and hit my doubles when they counted.  I haven’t played very well today.  Taking nothing away from Patricia, she could have won the games I did.  It was nerves that got to me, but I managed to hit the doubles at the right time.  It’s just awesome, and I’ll definitely be back next year.”

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