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Ahead of the all important Men's Singles at Saskatoon this weekend, Jay Tomlinson reports from the draw doubles.

The Sheraton Cavalier Hotel was jammed with players on†Thursday afternoon as they began to arrive to pick up their players' packets from the Golden Harvest organizers.† The excitement was evident among the many who were eager to get on the dartboard to warm up for one of the biggest events of the year.

Check in at the exhibition hall was required to confirm that each registered player was on site and ready to play.† The draw was made and the competition began shortly after 8:00 PM.† There were many good teams who had the potential for winning the tournament.† The number of players coming in from the Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, England, France and other European countries had markedly increased from previous years.

Ken Finch and Kevin Thorsteinson, hosts of the Golden Harvest tournament, welcomed the players, set down the guidelines for the dress code, rules for the tournament, and schedule of the events.† The format for the beginning rounds of the draw doubles was a very quick game of best of three legs of 501.† This format provided the equalizer, being so quick, to give all pairs a chance to reach to money rounds.† The format would change to best of 5 legs at the semi final round.

The rounds went quick and before long, the tournament had advanced to the semi final matches were Carolyn Mars paired with Peter Evison would compete against Stacy Bromberg who was paired with Delton McDonald.† The match went to the fifth and deciding leg with Bromberg and McDonald being victorious.† Mars and Evison had their chances, but failed to convert.† The other semi final featured Paul Lim and Emelien Brodhu versus Dan Lauby and Wayne Gibson.† Lauby and Gibson were shooting superbly and took that match 3 games to 1.

The match for the final of the Draw Doubles would best of seven legs of 501.† In the first leg, Bromberg punched out the double 8 after Lauby missed three darts at double.† The second leg came down quickly and all players had shots at doubles before Lauby finished on double 8.† The score was now one leg each and the match was reduced to best of 5.

In the third leg, Bromberg again had the shot at double and hit 4, double 2 for the win, pushing her team into the lead 2 games to 1.† Lauby took double tops in the fourth leg with Bromberg and McDonald back on 140.† Again the match was level at two games all.† The fifth leg came down to 86 each and Gibson came to the line determined to get in on the double action.† He stroked the triple 18 and finished 16, double 8 to put he and Lauby up one leg, 3 games to 2.

Players were getting a bit edgy in the sixth leg and the nerves began to show.† Neither team could find the triple until the end when they didnít need a triple.† Lauby came to line needing 25, hit 9, 8 and missed the double 4, giving McDonald the chance to steal.† He needed tops to level the game.† First dart and it was a one game decider to see which team took home the $3,000 first place cash prize.

Lauby started the game with 100 and McDonald quickly answered with 100.† Bromberg answered a 140 by Gibson with a 140 of her own.† Lauby took another ton and McDonald managed only 60.† Gibson 95 to leave 66 and Bromberg stroked 81.† Lauby finished the 66 for a 15 darter in the final leg and a victory for Gibson (Hubby of Julie) and Lauby.† What a great way to start the 2002 North American Golden Harvest Cup

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