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Practice Routines By TheDartdoG

Here are some of the ways I practice , Some friends Have sent me good practice routines also ( Click on their names to read them ) DC's Rountine
and Here is Kenny's AKA SilverDart's Rountine

1st off , you must remember , that you can practice 8 hours per day , but if it isn't good practice then it won't help !! Standing at a board for 8 hours , throwing at the triple 20's will not help your game , sure it might help you hit more 20's , but that is not the way to win a game .

You should try and track your practice routines , write them down , stick to your routines , by tracking them , it will show you any improvement , that you have made , this is the only way !! By doing this , makes you try harder to improve on what you have done in the last session. 

1st off I like to warm up my arm ...... I like doing this by throwing at the Bulls Eye , for about 20 minutes . This sort of runes the board after while , or sometimes I'll shoot at the t-6 or t-11  . At this time , I'm not really caring if I'm hitting them , the point of this is just to get the arm moving freely .

Moving right along , now the arm is moving , I start aiming ,  using 100 darts/shots ,  I aim for the Bulls Eye , and I count them . The Red center counts as 2 and the outer Black counts as 1 , and track everyone you hit . It really doesn't matter how many you hit , just make sure the next time you try this , you have a record of how many you hit , and try to improve on that number . So if you hit 50 bulls the 1st time , try to hit 51  or 60....... this gives you a number to aim for . Remember Throwing Darts is Great , but if you are NOT aiming , I'll say it again ( AIMING ) Then you are wasting your time . There is no point in practicing if you are not prepared to aim , ON every Dart. Make sure that every dart counts , this is what Good Practice is all About !!! 

Next thing I do is Throw for the doubles , Around The Clock . So I throw at the dbl-1, until I hit it , then move on to the dbl-2 , then dbl-3 , ect.....ect...... then end off hitting the dbl Bull (dead center) The way to improve on this game is also by tracking it . A friend of mine Bruce (aka DC ) 1st told me about this game , and the idea is to start on dbl-1 end on Bulls Eye , and to do this in less than 100 darts , when starting off , you may or may not be able to do this , but still track how many darts it took , and this will be the number to beat !! All I know its not that easy to hit a dbl , when you are on a roll . I find that if I'm doing really well , and on track to set the doG's world Record I end Up Choking LOL , I do believe DC best is around 36 darts , this is much better than i have every done , But it is still my goal !!!! Please let me know if you beat it !!

A few other good Double Practice Games are playing around the clock , but needing to hit 2 dbl-1's in one turn ( out of 3 darts) before moving to the next number . So , with 3 in hand , you hit dbl-1 dbl-1 , I always stay there and try for the 3rd. The 1st time I tried this game , I do believe it took me over 3 hours to finish it . The only good point is that I did do it !!!!! 

A game from a Pro.... Can't remember which Pro it was , but I read it in a Dart Mag. Play "Around The Clock " in Doubles , but only throw 1 dart at each Dbl number , so the game would be like this , throw at the Dbls , 1 , 2 , 3 , and lets say you only hit dbl 2 , the next turn you go like this , 1, 3 , 4 and let still say you only hit the dbl 3 , your next round would go like this 1 , 4 , 5 , so all you are doing is throwing one dart at 1 certain  number . Play this at the beginning of a Dart night , its a great warm up end , Don't end it until you get to the Bull and hit it. This game is much easier than the above game (needing a 2 count) 

Ok , so now we have practiced the doubles , let try the triples . I find practicing triple shots below triple 10 , is a waste time , how often do you really try to hit them during a game ?? So I just practice them from triple 10 and up , 10 , 11 , 12 , 13 ect..... Around The Clock (again) And if you find this is just too easy , then try it , needing to hit 2 t-10's out of 3 darts before moving on to the next , the same way as the above Dbl game , expect to be here awhile ........ remember during all this Around The Clock Practice you should be writing down just how many darts it took to finish the game and trying to improve on that score the next time you try it .


Next ............... Are you up for a few games of 501 ?? , I once read John Part uses this in his Practice routine , he Bulls( corks ) for start .... if he hits the Bulls Eye , he gets 18 darts to finish the Game , if he misses the bull , then he only gets 15 darts to win the game ... Well most of us aren't John , so my game is  a little easier . I start by shooting the bull , doesn't matter , outer or inter bull , if I hit it , then I get 21 darts to win , if I lose the Cork , I only get 18 darts , I find this a little easier than putting all this pressure on myself to take it out in 15 darts , so instead of 15-18 , I play it 18-21. maybe one day I'll move it up to 15 , but I'm not quite ready yet , and if you are just starting off , maybe you might start with 21-24 or 24-27 darts , point being , start easy , so that you have a chance at winning a few games, but not to easy , or you will not improve . I feel if you are winning over half the games , its time to step it up to the next level . ( play at least 10 games of this and track how many you win) 

Cricket Play now , start by corking again to see who goes 1st . (this version) is pretty easy , you play the game as he NEVER MISSES , he gets 3 darts , and ALWAYS hits the fat numbers (no dbls or trips) This makes you HAVE to hit at least 3 counts every time . You can play this that YOU can score points on him , this allowing you a couple of extra shots at the bull ( if needed) but when the numbers are all closed and he already has the bulls open , his points will count as if he was scoring on the bulls , so his turn would count as 75 points every time (play at least 10 games and track how many you win)....... if this is toooo easy try it that he gets to 5 count every turn , so he hits s-20 , s-20 , t-20 , then on to s-19 , s-19 , t-19 , Try this and see just how you do LOL

ANYWAYS , these are a few that I try , just remember to write down your results , and the next time try to improve on them ............................Woof !!

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