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  Norm 'The Storm' Tremblay

Norm Is the director for the Northern Ontario Darts Association (N.O.D.A) , Timmins district. He is a HUGE dart fan! Fan of the game, and of the players who represent the game. He has been fortunate to have had some success in some of his darts in his 8 years of playing. His first three years...well...that's what they were. He learned the game from Wayne Boudreau (a exceptionally good darter and close friend), He purchased a set of 28 grams Jocky Wilson's and pounded the board.


Date of Birth: 1975 ?
Place of Birth: Ontario Canada
Now Lives:  Timmins Ontario
Height: ?
Type of Dart Used: 20 gram Power Point
Sponsors: ?
Marital Status: ?
Children: ?
Hobbies/Interests: Fising , Hunting , Practicing
Hero: Wayne Gretzky , Tiger Woods and Superman
Food: Steak "Rare , Bloody Rare , Slap its Ass and Put it on the Plate"
Actors: Jeff Goldblum , Christian Slater , Tom Cruise , Angeline Jolie
Pets: Orange Cat , the almighty Spike
Relaxation: Just me , My Dartboard , and some good old Country Music
Other Sports: Pick up Hockey , Pick up Soccer
Nemesis: Worst Nemesis is Myself , I Usually let myself down
Goals: To Achieve greatness in any and everything I do ! If its worth doing , Do It Right !
Achievements: 1998 - 2003 Qualified for Canadian National Championship
  2001 Quebec Open Doubles Title
  2002 Mid Canada Classic Singles Champion
  2003 Mid Canada Classic Singles Champion
  2002 , 2003 Northern Ontario Provincial Champion Singles Title
  2002 , 2003 Winmau World Masters
  2003 World Cup - Placed 32nd to Raymond Barneveld Current Reigning WDF Champion
  2003 NDFC Athlete of the Year Award
  2004 - Lots More to Follow
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