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Jay Tomlinson, editor of Bullseye News Magazine reports from The 4th Annual Billiard le Skratch Sarantos Retsinas Memorial Dart Tournament.

Friday dawned windy and cool in Montreal and the customs officers at the Montreal International airport quickly noticed the arrival of a rare breed of traveler to Montreal, the dart player.† Most breezed through customs, and were greeted on the other side of customs by hosts of the Billiard le Skratch Sarantos Retsinas Memorial dart tournament for the long drive to the hotel.

The 4th Annual Billiard le Skratch Sarantos Retsinas Memorial Dart Tournament was set at the Recreation Center (Centre Recreatif) in East Montreal, May 10-12, 2002.† The prize money was billed at $26,000 with the grand prize of $5,000 to the menís singles champion. †The field was strong and included the defending champions (of almost everything), Phil Taylor, and Crissy Howat.† Everyone was required to compete in the draw doubles and hopes were high of drawing a top world ranked player.

Early round favorite pairs in the draw doubles were John Lowe and Dan Lauby, Cliff Lazarenko and Dennis Latimer, local favorite Gagne Gaston and Peter Manley, and Roland Scholten and Doug Scanlon.† A dark horse team was John Part and Terry Hayhurst the Ontario Senior Youth Champion.† John Part recently took both singles events at the PDC ranked Blueberry Hill tournament in St. Louis, MO.

Talk among the top ranked players centered on the importance of the next two PDC ranked tournaments.† This one in Montreal and the North American Golden Harvest Cup in Saskatoon, the following weekend.† Players are looking to prevent falling out of the top 8 or looking to use these tournaments to move into the top 8.† Top 8 is the goal as they will be invited directly into the final 16 at the televised PDC Las Vegas Desert Classic come July 3-7, 2002 at the MGM Grand.† The Las Vegas Desert Classic is the first out of country venture for the PDC and the beginning of a televised world tour of dart classic tournaments.

Peter Manley stated, ďThe next two weeks are probably the most important two tournaments for me to improve my ranking.† Top 8 is the key for Las Vegas, isnít it?Ē

Roland Scholten commented, ďThese next two weekends (Montreal and Saskatoon) will determine whether I go to the Vegas tournament or not.† If I do well and make it into the top 8, then Iíll be there.† If not, then itís up to the wife, whether sheíll send me or not.Ē

John Part, ďIím third in the world rankings right now and itís extremely unlikely that I could fall out of the top 8, but I could be a spoiler for some looking to use these two tournaments, Montreal and Saskatoon, to make a move into the top 8.Ē

Cliff Lazarenko, sitting at around top 22 or 23 thinks itís quite tight at the top, but heís sure he canít make top 8 by Vegas because thereís not enough points he could earn even if he won both before Vegas.†

Among the favorite, Manley and Gaston ran into Scholten and Scanlon in the round of 16 and lost a tough one.† Lowe and Lauby dropped their match in the round of 32 to Phil Taylor and Marc Archambauld.† Lazarenko and Latimer lasted through the round of eight but lost to Kevin Painter and Anthony Hurley.† Of the top four teams, only the team of Scholten/Scanlon and the team of Part/Hayhurst survived.† Both defeated their opponents in their semi final matches to end up facing each other for the title.

First leg went to Part and Hayhurst, but Scholten and Scanlon came back in the second and never let up.† Scanlon hit two 70 finishes in the final two legs to take the match 3 legs to 1 and the draw doubles title.

DRAW DOUBLES 501, 274 entries, 1st-Roland Scholten/Doug Scanlon ($600); 2nd-John Part/Terry Hayhurst ($300); T4-Phil Taylor/Marc Archambauld, Kevin Painter/Anthony Hurley ($150); T8-Dennis Latimer/Cliff Lazarenko, Shayne Burgess/Ted Lawrence, Lee Palfreyman/Mike Davidson, Gerry Hull/Tom Smith ($100); T16-Darrick Andrews/Dennis Smith, Peter Manley/Gaston Gagne, Collin Llyod/Wayne Henay, Martin Bourgeois/Chris Bowring, Ronnie Baxter/Brenda Dietrick, Michael Lafleur/Claude Joyal, Mike Gaudnier/Pierre Lepine, Cindy Maxwell/Jim Fitzsimmons ($50); T32-Andre Caron/Guy Tremblay, Chris Dunn/Mick Manning, Gopi Loganathan/Eric Bristow, Duane Doucette/Mike Gallachar, Lynn Corbiel/Claude Seguin, Jerry Van Loan/Pierre Lemay, Crissy Howat/Matt Chapman, Adam Bernard/Eric Valliers, RJ Newell/Sylvain Talbot, Steve Brown/Dave Yeoman, Kathy Owens/Ed Douglas, Ginette Roy/Graeme Staddart, Alex Roy/Wade Waldon, John Lowe/Dan Lauby, Paul Rivard/Reg Harding, Michel Rollin/Michel Page ($25).

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