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What Manufacturers Don't Want You To Know
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* Note: Before I convey to you this crucial information related to the SPORT of darts, would like you to remember where you heard this and never forget that we believe in TELLING THE TRUTH. This information alone is going to save you thousands of dollars over the course of your darts lifetime and/or years upon years of frustration! This knowledge will be crucial in your decision of what dart to shoot with next AND IT WILL ALSO EXPLAIN WHY YOU’VE BEEN SHOOTING INCONSISTENTLY FOR YEARS. What would like from you in return for providing you with this information is your PATRONAGE. In other words, WE WANT YOUR BUSINESS! Excellence should be rewarded! We are here for you and your performance, but we need YOUR SUPPORT in order for us to SUPPORT YOU! With a reciprocal relationship, we are both going to win and the SPORT of darts WILL see a new popularity like none before! Thank you in advance for THINKING AND BUYING with your conscience!

Today there are literally thousands of different styles of darts made each year! Why? GREAT QUESTION! PLEASE PAY ATTENTION HERE! If there were a perfect dart, there would be many more SATISFIED DART SHOOTERS in the world AND - THEY WOULD BE BUYING LESS DARTS! Please pause a minute or two here and think about what you just read AND also how much LESS dart manufacturers would be selling darts! Also, while you are at it, ASK YOURSELF, WOULDN’T DART MANUFACTURERS BENEFIT MORE FROM DARTS SHOOTERS KNOWING LESS ABOUT HOW THE MECHANICS OF SHOOTING A DART WORKS AND WHAT TO LOOK FOR WHEN PICKING OUT A SET OF DARTS! The world annually spends, just for darts alone, in the neighborhood of about 500 MILLION Dollars (U. S. )! WOW! Want to hear another wow? Of the estimated 100 million competitive darts players there are in the world, a staggering 11%, or 11 million, own more than ten sets of darts each! Double WOW! Do you think that there MIGHT be something WRONG here?


The most important feature of a dart that determines QUALITY and WORTH is the barrel's grip. If you have the best grip, you are going to get three things: control, consistency and accuracy. If you don’t have the proper grip, then those three items go out the window no matter how much knowledge you have and practice you perform.

What is the BEST grip to have on the darts barrel?

There are two concepts that you need to know about. The first is the mechanics of what PROPELS a dart. In essence, where the best accuracy lies is in your ability to PUSH the dart forward in the same way one would throw a ball or shoot a basketball. Basically you need a surface to push up against. You don’t want a large surface, because you couldn’t throw tight groups, but at the same time you don’t want to be “pulling” a ten penny nail either. MOST DARTS ON THE MARKET TODAY ARE “PULLERS,” the WORST kind of dart to have! I wonder why, LOL!

The muscles you use to PUSH, and the muscles you use to PULL are different. Its all in the FEEL. Test it out yourself, PLEASE! Find a grooved straight barrel dart and another one that maybe even has a “diamond knurl.” The difference is VERY noticeable!

You are ONLY going to get the BEST GRIP from a grooved dart. These grooves, incidentally, need to be wide enough for the skin on your fingers to get into. It’s the LEADING EDGE of the groove that your skin is PUSHING against when you are propelling the dart! DON'T be fooled by the hairline wide grooves. They do NOTHING! The best gap is in the area of about 1/8 th of an inch or WIDER, and the grooves should extend the entire length of the barrel. By NOT having the grooves in the front area of the dart (where you aren’t gripping ), this will throw off the balance needed when your dart is airborne. Because the flight is in the rear of the dart, the dart itself is always going to be NOSE heavy and unless thrown perfectly every time, it will enter the board at a slight angle with the flight closer to the ceiling.

The second thing you need to understand is “PIVOTABILITY.” Hold a dart in your hand and slowly make the arm motion as IF you are going to throw it. WATCH YOUR THUMB NAIL! As your hand comes forward, NOTICE that the thumb is pivoting on the barrel as the dart barrel is staying relatively horizontal. This is IMPERATIVE in consistent throwing because if your grip was TOO GOOD, the dart wouldn’t come OFF YOUR FINGERS NATURALLY due to it sticking to your skin, AND if the surface was too SLICK, the dart would also come off your fingers even more uncontrolled. If you have a set of darts that has one of those rubber (sticky) surfaces, hold it like you are going to throw it and instead take the nose of it as it is sticking out and move it up and down between your two fingers. You will feel a lot of resistance on the entire surface of your fingers where the dart is touching. This dart will NOT come “OFF” your fingers naturally and will be doing some funny things. Try this with a grooved barrel and you WILL notice that the dart will pivot EASILY! PLEASE take the time to test this for yourself! I wonder why most new darts have a smooth POLISHED metal surface? LOL! READ ON, there's MORE!


LET THE BUYER BEWARE! You aren’t kidding when it comes to darts! I just thought of a great idea (just kidding, but just follow along and you’ll get the point)! I’ll come up with a dart that is so thin that you can put 10 darts in a tight grouping about the size of this letter “o” BUT they are so thin that the barrel resembles a human HAIR! Unfortunately, you wont have much surface area of the dart to control them. On the other hand, I would think that a large surface area of a barrel would give me some GREAT CONTROL, but they would be so heavy I not only couldn't throw tight groups due to the barrel diameter, but I'd be too tired to play more than ONE GAME! Lastly, a long thin dart is great for both weight and throwing tight groups, but there is a distinct problem in controlling the dart due to the fact that it's very long! A good rule of thumb here is to only shoot with darts that are no more that 2 and 3/4 inches! There are quite a few darts that are in the 3 inch range and up. I know one manufacturer that doesn’t have anything under 3 inches. I wonder why!

Obviously, for control, we need the maximum surface area for control. Secondly, for grouping, we need a relatively thin dart. Thirdly, for longevity, we need a dart that will not be so light that we lose the control nor a dart that is so heavy that it becomes tiresome after a few hours of play.

What is the answer? Tungsten! It’s dense, durable, and it has more FEEL to it! DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY ON ANYTHING ELSE! If there is a metal out there that’s MORE dense, and doesn’t have any flaws, then GO FOR IT! DON’T BUY CHEAP DARTS. The price you pay for two sets of garbage darts will more than pay for one GREAT set of darts! By the way, ASK YOURSELF THIS QUESTION AND BE TOTALLY HONEST. How many sets of darts do you buy in the course of a two year period? If your answer is 2, you’re OK. If it’s 3 to 6, will save you some serious money. And if you buy more than 7 sets, you are going to love for the rest of your life! Guaranteed!

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