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Welcome to My Dart site

Here is a little bit of info on myself , my name is Tim , and I throw Darts , the name DartdoG , came from me being cocky one night at Darts . I was throwing pretty good and I kept calling myself TheDartGod In which my Old Dart Captain(Barry) , decided I was being a little to cocky and Changed the name to Dog .......... In which changing the letters God around spells do

Anyways , I Love the Game of Darts , And have been playing for somewhere around 15 Years , and I'm always looking for ways to improve on My Game , I've Been through many SLUMPS


With the Help of some Great Internet Friends , I came up with ...
My Practice Routines

DC's Practice Routine

SilverDart's Practice Routine

Here Are a Few Pics from a Night out with a couple of Pros Dart Players.
Click HERE ! Many Cheers ! doG


This Is New !! I Came Across This Site and Thought It may Just Be What The Doctor Ordered , Its On ....
Sports Psychology
Have a Read If Ya want , Just Be the Thing Ya Need To Get Your Dart Game Back On Track !! , Keep Them Flying Straight !!!

Please Have a look around and Feel free to use anything you want from this site , Because I probably stole it from somewhere else ( Oh Ya sorry ) After Years of Surfin other darts site , I decided to post my own site , using my stuff and also others , in hopes to have one source , for the info I need.

Note ; this is a personal dart site

WOOF !!!

Doggie's Guest Book

Why Are The Dart Board Numbers Placed In there Order ?

Click The Board to Find Out Why

Ivars Peterson MathLand Theory on Number Order

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Tips By Lowe


Kenny (Silverdart) MacNeil




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