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The Dartboard

Getting Started: what to do

Buying the DartBoard

There are all different types of dartboards. I suggest buying a dartboard with the metal embedded into the board. This will decrease the number of "bounce-outs" (your dart hits the metal, bounces off and falls). An example of this type of board is the The DMI 'The Bandit' Dartboard. Its more expensive than your typical dartboard. But in the long run, worth it.

Caring for your Dartboard

You must remember to rotate your dartboard. This will only work if your dartboard has the removable metal ring with the numbers on it. If the numbers are painted on the board, you will not be able to rotate it. Rotating the board will make it last longer. DO NOT spray any types of liquids on a bristle board. It will ruin your board. I have seen some boards that were sprayed, and it isn't a pretty picture. The surface of the board begins to 'bubble' and fall apart.


Below is an example of a dartboard with the points scored detailed.

There are two "rings" on your board. The outside ring will be worth double your points. The inside ring is worth triple the points

Between those two rings, is worth the value of the box. For example.....if you look at the picture below, lets use #20, you will see the outside ring's value is 40, the inside ring's value is 60. If your dart goes anywhere between the outside ring and inside ring and the inside ring to the bullseye, you will get 20 points.

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