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Winning! with Sports Psychology

Video, ICC Entertainment P/L, Australia

"Mental toughness is something you actually can develop in yourself." - HERB ELLIOTT 1994

Click here to see a review of Winning by Greg Sargent, Sports Coach Magazine, Autumn 1995.
'Winning!' is presented by Dr. Rob Hampshire, consultant psychiatrist, sports psychologist, World Masters Rowing Champion 1993 and Australian Veteran Cycling Champion.

The video introduces mental training to ordinary sportsmen and women. It is aimed at the average sports participant and sets out in a clear and simple way the basics of sports psychology and how to master the techniques used to gain mental toughness. Interviews with world champions illustrate these ideas. There is extensive footage of the Olympic Games, Commonwealth Games, Rugby League, World Cup Rugby Union, AFL, Soccer, Cycling, Swimming, Athletics, Basketball, Triathlon, Boxing, Rowing, Cricket, Golf etc.

By applying just a few of the techniques demonstrated in this video, we hope the viewer will improve his/her sporting performance. The techniques discussed and the lessons to be learned can be applied to any sport and even life itself.

The following champions are interviewed in the programme:-

Brief Outline of the Tape

'Winning! With Sports Psychology': video, running time: 50 minutes.

Please order by mail from:
I.C.C. Entertainment P/L, The Marina 13/1 Bradly Avenue, Kirribilli, NSW 2061 Australia.
Tel (612) 9955 2297 Fax (612) 9955 8440

Please enclose a cheque for your local equivalent of $US 29.95+$US 5.00 (Post & Packing).

Any queries should be directed to Ian Iveson at ICC.

Winning! is a Mind Tools Approved Product.


Winning with Sports Psychology, 1994, ICC Entertainment, 50 Minutes. Rated G.

Reviewed by Greg Sargent, Sports Psychologist, Australian Institute Of Sport in Sports Coach Magazine, Autumn 1995

The video is extremely well presented and produced with consideration given to covering the main issues in a very clear and applied format. The different sections covered include the important mental skills such as goal setting, motivation, concentration, confidence, anxiety control and mental rehearsal. Some other peripheral, though just as valuable topics are also examined. These include information on competition day, pain and fatigue, negative thought conversion, dealing with coaches and team unity.

In each section, one of the athletes presents a short commentary before presenter Dr Robert Hampshire discusses the topic in more depth while also providing some valuable applied tips. A number of aspects make the video slightly different to the type of material often presented in this format:

The video does give an excellent insight into the different skills and would be a worthwhile addition to the video library of the serious sports person (coach and athlete) interested in investigating the mental side of sports performance.
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