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The Top Ten Darts Websites in the WORLD!


I receive a lot of e-mails from people asking questions about the sport of darts.    


I try to be as helpful as I can. 


“S’up, Dahtoid?  Yo.  I be new ta da game but wants ta learn.  Name’s Antonio.  From Joisey.  Where’s da bes’ place ta check out some smokin’ action?”


“Nigel here.  BLIMEY!  I lost me blasted darts.  Tell me old boy, where might I locate a brilliant set?  Cheers.”


“Hey buddy.  It’s Ed-Bob.  One of our shots down the Roadhouse got busted for DUI and can’t get to matches no more.  Where can I find a hot new team mate?  Write back soon.”


“G’day Dartoid.  Kevin Berlyn here.  I just got a new board.  Tell me matey, where’s th’ best place to hang it?  Arrrr.”


Pretty much I always give the same response.  I find that “Hooters” leaves most of my readers satisfied.


But the other day somebody asked a real toughie.  “Hey, you frickin’ wanker.  Where do you steal the shit you write?  PS: this is the Lord.”


Well, the answer to that one ain’t Hooters.  Not that I haven’t gone there in search of material…   


The answer is the Internet. 


Yes, there’s all sorts of wonderful information about the sport of darts to be found these days by simply typing “www” and a dot and a small string of letters into a computer.


I do it everyday when I should be working.


So I’m kind of an expert when it comes to surfing the Information Highway for information about darts.  Barely ten years ago, there were only some fifty sites out there dedicated to our sport.  Some guy from Switzerland named George Vacek scoped them all out and created a super-site called “George’s List of Darts Sites.”  But apparently George died or something.  This forerunner of the plethora of sites that currently exists (34 billion as of yesterday) has vanished from the ether.


Anyway, after years of research and with all due respect for George who first stepped foot into the jungle of darts on the Internet (and who once directed me to a couple of bars in Zurich), I now feel qualified to recommend the Top Ten Darts Sites in the WORLD today.


I visit each of them regularly and rip off everything I can.


DISCLAIMER.  The list that follows is in no particular order.  Each and every one of these sites offers something extraordinary.  For example, most of them carry my column. 


The reason I have declined to formally order the sites is because I always make my best effort not to piss people off.  All of my regular readers, particularly those of the well-endowed female persuasion, will seriously question this statement. 


Still, to order the list would risk offending someone, possibly even a female somebody.  And that would be just plain stupid.     


So here’s the list:



The first thing you may have noticed about the list is that there are eleven entries, not just ten as suggested in the title to this column.  This is because I can’t count.  If you’ve seen me throw darts you will appreciate that I am being completely honest about this.


Your second observation might be that the first two entries are for the only two sites created and run by women.  Of course, this is by design and not meant in any way to denigrate the quality of the sites themselves.  Both are amazing.  I list them at the front end of the list only because I love fronts and ends.   













So there you have it, my Top Ten (plus one) places to rip off ideas from the Web.  I pop into each of these sites at least every other day. 


Of course, I recognize that this very knowledge might possibly have the effect of causing many of you who are reading this to steer in the opposite direction -- as far away from these sites as possible.  So, to Herkey, Farmer, Tomlinson, Berlyn and all the rest who have toiled away to create the excellent sites I have discussed: please accept my apology.  


Let me also apologize to the creators of the many other fine web sites that exist out there.  While I do tend to frequent most often the sites I have mentioned, there are many, many others that I visit regularly. 


For example: 



If you have the time to click just once into this list I highly recommend a stop at the St. Charles Darts League site.  Here you will find a one-of-a-kind column by a mystery woman named Phoebe.  I love Phoebe!   


Finally (yes, finally, unless you are interested in my list of the Top Ten Porn Sites in the WORLD -- in which event I kindly ask that you send your phone number along with several 8” x 10” glossy photographs and a short video) there are just four more sites that you should check out.  Yes, four.  Sorry.






… I invite you to stop by


That’s where I “hang out” when I’m not at Hooters.


From the Field,



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