Mike's B&W

A small collection of Black and White Images.

The Sunset at Lake Jordan - Pentax 35mm


Rachel and "Miss Daisy" - Pentax 35mm


The Bench -Brownie Hawkeye


Me, in the Shadows

Taken by Rachel w/ Pentax 35mm


Stripes - Pentax 35mm


Relaxed - Pentax 35mm

I need to thank a few friends. First, my friend Larry who got me started in serious photography.

The others I have never met face to face.

Chuck Baker - A man with a mission. His Brownie Camera Page inspired me to a lot of what I do in photography. Click here to visit Chuck.

Robert Monaghan - The most usable photography information I have ever seen in one place. Click here for Roberts site.

My Brownie Page is listed on both sites. I thank them both.

And last but not least - Kudos to Sir Ansel Adams, one of the greatest pioneers of excellent photography and inventor of the Zone system.