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Anyone under 18 MUST EXIT NOW!

Welcome to the Realm of

Mistress of Mind's

Goddess of your dreams
& desires

It is fate that has led you to me, little one.......Perhaps you have been
searching for something......yet knew not what....or perhaps
you have known all along that you seek an
submissive and/or erotic experience with a
powerful & hypnotic Dominatrix.

You need not search any longer.
I am

The Mistress of your Mind
I alone have the power to bring you to
complete & total submission
of body, mind, and soul.

As you read my words and gaze DEEPLY into my spiral,
know that you have taken your first step into
complete & total domination
by a strong and entrancing Domme.
Using the power of hypnosis, I will lure you into
sweet & total sexual submission.

Your next step towards complete and total submission is to purchase
My basic induction tape.
With it, you will find yourself spiraling
DEEPLY into a sweet seduction.
My voice, so warm and soothing.
It will guide you DEEP into your subconscious where the heart of your fantasies pulsate,
craving to be freed.
I alone can caress your mind with my words & your body with your mind.
I alone can guide you to an ultimate erotic submission experience.

Do not be afraid, little one.
Take my hand & together we will walk through the threshold of your mind
where all of your dreams await
& fantasies are ready to be explored.

How to begin

Your training begins with my basic induction tape.
Side "A" will consist of a scintillating induction with
flirting and foreplay overtones.
Side "B" is dedicated to will please me, little one.... as it is your duty.
And I
WILL leave you craving more.

Next, your training delves into the realm of your wildest
dreams & fantasies.
At this time, you have your choice of 6 scintillating areas.
They include:

Please, Ma'am, may I have another?
Floggers & clothes pins & plugs, OH MY
All oiled up & ready to be TANNED
Mistress, may I?
Titillating toes
Food, glorious food
All TIED up
Collared & on parade

(More tapes based on other fantasies & fetishes are in the making.
Email me for more information or submit your ideas.
YOU will inspire our next encounter.)

Prices are as follows:

Basic induction tape $72.00
Specialty tapes $54 each or three for $129.00
Order the whole set for only $329.00

Add $5.00 shipping & handling for EACH tape

To order and begin training, send check or money order to:

Creative Mind Works
P.O. Box 241676
Omaha, NE 68124-5676

Include the following disclaimer, SIGNED

      I, (NAME) ___________________ of, (REGION) ______________ attest that I am a consenting adult who wishes to purchase the following product(s) offered by Mistress Of Minds and Creative Mind Works. I understand and acknowledge that hypnosis and the products and services Mistress Of Minds and/or Creative Mind Works renders is presented here solely for my entertainment and enjoyment. Knowing that hypnosis is not an exact science, I understand and attest that Creative Mind Works makes No representations as to its accuracy or validity. I understand that Mistress Of Minds and/or Creative Mind Works does not make any guarantees or accept ANY liabilities for my actions; therefore, I assume responsibility for knowing the laws and community standards in the region I live in and the region in which I am having the following product(s) sent to. Furthermore, I will hold Mistress Of Minds and Creative Mind Works--including all of it's managers and employees--harmless in the event that any claims, liability, losses, costs, damages, or expenses (including attorney's fees) ensue from my purchasing and/or using any of the services and/or materials offered by Mistress Of Minds and/or Creative Mind Works.

Signed: ___________________ Date: _________

These instructions MUST be fulfilled and ALL of My demands met
In order to begin training

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