Shining Force 3


Shining Force III is a fantasy war strategy game(very similar to Final Fantasy Tactics) for Sega Saturn developed by Sega® and Camelot®. It has three parts or CDs: Scenario 1, 2 and 3. Sega of America ® translated Scenario 1 into English version and decided not to translate scenarios 2 and 3. These three scenarios interact with each other, meaning that the data from scenario 1 can be used to change some events in scenarios 2 and 3 and the data from scenario 2 will affect scenario 3. But they're three separate games meaning that you can play one scenario without having the data from the others. The special part of the story is that it is played through three different sets of eyes via the three different scenarios available. Each scenario consists of six chapters of gameplay where Scenario 3 has a final conclusion chapter at the end that uses the characters from all three scenarios.



Scenario 1 : Shining Force of Aspinia Republic

The huge Empire of Destonia ruled with an unfair and class-based hand. The people suffered and their destinies were defined by their financial situation. Because of this, internal turmoils began to occur and a group of rebels decided to create their own country, based on equality. A long war began, and many of the people inside the Empire added to the rebel side, even the praised hero of the Empire Lord Conrad. Finally, they reached their goal and they founded the Republic of Aspinia, with the capital located in the city of Aspia. Aspia was chosen because of its walls, that provide an excellent defense, protecting the capital from future invasions by the Empire. But this separation was the start of a lot of problems. Internal turmoils started to happen since the Republican people don't saw any reason in being independent and their economical situation was getting worst each minute. Not only this, but also the holy land of Elbesem, a neutral territory, was invaded by the Imperials. Also, the Imperials still remained with a wish off seeing the Republic territories back to his domain. A war was close, but the two kingdoms decided to make a peace conference in Saraband, a floating city that has become neutral. All was going fine, but an impostor, who was pretending to be the King Benetram, abducted the Emperor Domaric! The Republicans were then blamed for it, and King Benetram would be killed for it. In the same city, where Lord Synbios, the son of Lord Conrad, one of the most important Republic's generals. Attempting to save King Benetram's life, Synbios were chosen to escort him safety to Aspia, the capital of the Republic. In the way, they're were attacked by mysterious master monks, who were commanded by 4 high priests : Basanda, Dessheren, Fiale and Goriate. These priests had a terrible purpose: ressurect Bulzome, the most powerful vandal of all. Synbios' party tried to protect the Guardian Statue of Elbesem, who would keep the vandals far from awakening, but the monks were faster, and destroyed it before. After a long walk and fightings with the most incredible enemies, including Imperial generals, believing that Benetram abducted the emperor, and Republican generals also, who don't believed in a peaceful end and wanted the Republic to back to Empire domination, Synbios' party reached Aspia, and the King Benetram was safe. But now, the terrible sect had another victim : Lord Conrad, Synbios' father. But Fiale killed the noble general, and Synbios' party doesn't had a chance to save him. Fiale went on to the city of Lookover, attempting to kill another important person: duke Palsis. Synbios' party putted an end on it, defeating Fiale and saving duke Palsis. But Aspia was invaded and succumbed by the Empire, who fought along side with the Bulzome sect. They also had the control of Collossus, and ancient giant robot. Like if it wasn't enough, they also abducted Algernon, Synbios' sonny. Now, in order to take again the control of Aspia and to save Synbios' sonny, the Republican force will have to prove himself.

Scenario 2 : Shining Force of Destonia Empire

The Empire of Destonia also had a lot of problems since a part of the territory was taken to found the Republic of Aspinia. When trying to get back the territory of Elbesem, previously Imperial territory, but taken by Republicans, a war was about to happen, so they called up a peace conference to avoid this. Medion, one of the three Imperial princes, was forced to come to Saraband along with his father, his two brothers. But the truth is that Medion also was a stone in the Imperial shoe, since Medion didn't agree with the Imperial's principles and believed that the Republic should remain separated. But during the peace conference, the Republicans abducted Emperor Domaric, his father! Not only the Republicans, the own King Benetram! Trying to discover the truth, Medion so went after Synbios, who was escorting the king. Knowing that the other King Benetram was actually Fiale, Medion then headed to Barrand, Republican territory, warned by Synbios that something dangerous to Elbesem was going on there. And it was true. The terrible Bulzome sect was after the Besem Staff, a powerful staff that the ancient tales said it holds all the pure Elbesem's power. And this staff could only be manipulated by one person chosen to follow Elbesem’s path in the earth. This person was Gracia, a 12 years old boy. Trying to take control of Elbesem, Fiale abducted Gracia and managed to an Elbesem temple (where the staff was kept), located near the city of Sorrows, to force Gracia to reveal his powers. Medion’s party went to the sanctuary as well, but they were stopped by Basanda and Dessheren. The battle seemed hopeless, but the Rainbloods, powerful Domaric’s elite soldiers, whom the people believed to be immortal, appeared. During the fight between the priestesses and the Rainbloods, Medion’ party defeated Fiale and saved Gracia. Now their next goal was to rescue Domaric, whose abduction had been planned Garvin, a powerful general, and his own son Arrawnt, who also had connections with Bulzome. After rescuing his father, Medion headed to Storich, in order to take Domaric to a safe palace there. Also in Storich, Medion’s party came to know that a giant tank, used in ancient times by the vandals, was being used by Garvin to destroy the city of Aspia, capital of Republic. Without time to warn Synbios, Medion's force decided to save the Republican city themselves. But a lot of mysteries still remained who is actually general-governor Garvin, who has control over a lot of people and territories? Will Medion’s force be able to find a pacific future with the Republic?

Scenario 3 : Shining Force of Enrich Kingdom

Thousands of years ago, vandals, terrible creatures who came from the most deep of the darkness, controlled the world. Bulzome was the most powerful vandal who ever existed. In the counter-part were the innovators, light people who possessed the pure power of Elbesem. Endless fights between the two sides ocurred along the centuries, and Bulzome was defeated and transformed into stone. Millions of years ago, a group of pagan monks started to influence the people, preaching that Bulzome was the salvation. Monks controlled by 4 high priests who believed that resurrecting Bulzome would make them important part of this, and with the help of the vandal they’ll rule the world. They created a sect, formed by people disgraced with themselves, all filled with despair, believing only with the promises that the vandal would save them. These people started to create chaos , killing peoples and created a war between the two kingdoms, Destonia and Aspinia. Despair, unfairness, death, all this feeds the vandal, and it would cause his awakening. But Bulzome wasn’t alone, with all the chaos, another vandals started to wake up, like Galm, Garvin and Brutus. The only salvation were the innovators, but with the defeat of the vandals long ago, they started to disappear…not completely, one of them, Gracia, still remained with all the power of Elbesem inside him. After being saved by the prince Medion, Gracia started a search for The Elbesem Plaza, an ancient shrine where the tales said that Bulzome were prisoner. The truth is that no one even found this shrine, and the most of the people said it didn't even exist. Believing in the tales, Gracia ignored the peoples and headed to the shrine. To escort him, Julian, a mercenary who had his father killed by Galm. During his journey, Julian found a lot of Republican and Imperial warriors, who didn't sided with Republic or Empire, but with their own lives, and joined him. In the start of his journey, Julian’s party was attacked by the Walcuray, a flying mushroom-typed object used in ancient times by the vandals. The party then decided to follow it in order to find the location of Elbesem Plaza. In their journey, they fought a lot of enemies, and felt the drama of the war between the two kingdoms, but since they’re neutral, they decided to help both in what they could. Galm harmed Julian’s party, and finally, Julian had his chance to revenge his father’s death. They also fought the Rainbloods, and also were forced to fight Synbios’ and Medion’s forces. In the highest of all the snowy mountains, they found: The Elbesem Plaza. But was too late: Bulzome already had awakened. In order to defeat him, Julian joined forces with Synbios and Medion. Now, the three parties will fight together against the terrible creature, to save the earth, to save themselves, to free themselves.


Main Characters


Synbios from Scenario I(So cute~)


Medion from Scenario II(Just isn't he cool?)


Julian from Scenario III(A serious guy!)


My Views

I personally feel that this is a good game, not because of the graphics and sound(well, part of it) but the way that the game is played. Most RPGs have only one main character and one team of members. In Shining Force, I see three main characters(Heros) each with different personality and ambition, they have their own team members and that's quite a lot of characters to make up with...........

Well, my favourite character is of course Prince Medion, he's sooooooo cool in his way and his fighting techiques just amazed me so much and I think that his attacks are the strongest of all the three characters(the other two are Synbios of Scenario I and Julian of Scenario III). I remembered one of his special attack where he changed himself into two persons to attack simultaneouly at the enemy and it costs TWICE as much damage as any special attacks of the other two main characters! ^_^

I played all the three scenarios but only completed scenario I and II(In scenario III, I played till the part where Synbios was trapped in an ice and then my Saturn crashed). I certainly hope to play again and wish that Saturn Emulator will be out soon!

If you happen to find any working Saturn Emulator, please email me because I have been searching the net for ages without results.........

How I wish there's another game like this!!!


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